VPS Website Hosting

Virtual Private Servers are rapidly growing in popularity, leading to a rise in demand for VPS hosting. We have tested quite a few hosting services in order to figure out which of the VPS servers are worth using. In the event that you are in the market for a VPS hosting service, you should be able to find a fairly powerful server regardless of where you visit. All of the servers we have found are capable of operating various operating systems and hardware, all custom tailored to what you are trying to build. In the event that you are going to host a server in a virtual environment, we recommend you do so only through the best, as a low quality VPS is prone to crashing and other similar problems.

VPS Versus Dedicated Servers

A virtual private server is essentially a dedicated server in a virtual environment. This gives you a price similar to a shared server, all the while offering you the versatility of a private dedicated server. The VPS will offer you the ability to launch a totally private website at a fraction of the cost. A VPS is essentially a bridge between cheap and expensive.

What Are Virtual Private Servers?

If you are still unaware as to what a VPS is, we have a quick explanation of what they are. Virtual Private Servers are partitions on a hard disk drive that is set aside to operate a virtual machine. Each virtual server uses a standalone, fully functional operating system that can be rebooted and reset on its own. You will generally be able to totally customize your server, though most hosting sites will offer you multiple packages from which to choose. We have decided that to show only the most versatile of the virtual servers, and we can assure you that your experience will be totally worthwhile. In the end, we feel as though you will really value VPS hosting and all that comes with it.

GreenGeeks - Starts @ $39.95 Per Month
Get GreenGeeks VPS Hosting

GreenGeeks web hosting is a service that offers quite a few different features, not the least of which are self and fully managed VPS servers. Beginning at $39.95, these servers come with extensive features. Their best value is probably the $39.95 a month package, which offers a fully managed VPS with cPanel backing the service. Their most expensive package is only $79.95, which includes powerful hardware capable of delivering a strong server. GreenGeeks even offers their users a very active customer service team based in the United States, and they also have pure green energy powering their services. In terms of the best VPS hosting, GreenGeeks is topping the charts.

GoDaddy - Starting @ $29.95 Per Month
Get GoDaddy VPS Hosting

GoDaddy is another impressive host for VPS services. You will find several distributions of Linux available through GoDaddy, with a minimum price of $29.99 a month. GoDaddy's most powerful package can even be found at $119.99 a month, which means you will be able run even the most powerful site around without having to pay too much money. GoDaddy is assuredly a high quality choice for all of your web hosting needs, especially considering their 99.9% up time. You can even have your website registered through GoDaddy, taking out some steps that you would have to take through other hosting services. Regardless, they are easily one of of the best hosting services out there.

HostNine - Starting @ $19.95 Per Month
Get HostNine VPS Hosting

HostNine offers five different VPS packages, beginning at a minimum price of $19.95. This will not be the most powerful server, but it is still one of the most powerful available. Their most expensive package is explosively powerful, offering 4.8Ghz in CPU power, 3GB of RAM, 80GB of disk space, and 2,000GB of bandwidth. They also offer 2 IP Addresses, with a total price of $129.95 a month. HostNine sports 99.9% uptime, which means you will be experiencing one of the most stable services out there. They offer high security on all of their VPS web hosting servers, so hacking is never a problem. You will receive full root access, meaning you can manage the server as you wish.

VPS Hosting VPS Host Package Prices Linux Windows Link To:
Economy $29.95 Monthly / Ultimate $149.95 Monthly CentOS & Fedora YES Go To GoDaddy
Level 1 $19.95 Monthly / Level 9 $209.95 Monthly CentOS No Go To HostGator
Level 1 $19.95 Monthly / Level 5 $129.95 Monthly CentOS YES Go To HostNine
Level 1 $19.95 Monthly / Level 9 $209.95 Monthly CentOS No Go To
256MB $49.95 Monthly / 1024MB $169.95 Monthly CentUS No Go To InMotion
VPS Class $40 Monthly / VPS Class Pro $70 Monthly CentOS YES Go To
512MB VPS $39.95 Monthly / 2048MB VPS $99.95 CentOS No Go To GreenGeeks
Ristretto4 $11.17 Monthly / Perfetto5 $41.97 Monthly CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu YES Go To Mochahost
Linux VPS $44.95 Monthly / Windows VPS $59.95 Monthly CentOS YES Go To Lunarpages